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Monday, 23 January 2012

English Speaking Radio Stations in Malaysia

I knew most of Malaysian love to listen to Malay Speaking Radio such as Hot.FM, Era.FM and Sinar.FM. I just want to share a list of English speaking radio station in Malaysia.


If you want to listen LIVE the English speaking radio station from Malaysia, just click on the Listen LIVE..



Traxx.FM Frequencies
Listen LIVE Traxx.FM online


Fly.FM Frequencies
Listen LIVE Fly.FM online


Hitz.FM Frequencies
Listen LIVE hitz.FM online


Mix.FM Frequencies
Listen LIVE Mix.FM online


Lite.FM Frequencies
Listen LIVE Lite.FM online


Red FM Frequencies
Listen LIVE Red.FM online

p/s: Click listen live from the radio's station web if it does not work from this blog.

Source / Sumber
 TRAXXfm is the only English radio channel that is
 fully-owned and fully-funded by the Malaysian government

 Malaysia's Hottest Music!
 We do play popular music from the past, our
 playlist goes back to the early 90's.

 Broadcasts songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s..

 Famous for the 80's.

 Today's Best Music!
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