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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

About Hijrah Year

We are so near with Ramadhan month. As I mention last year in "Anak Bulan" entry, if you want to check the Hijrah calendar you can't just write it down like the AD (Addo Domini). AD year or mostly known in Malaysia as "Tahun Masihi". You need to moon sighting every month to check if there is a moon crescent aka anak bulan.

Moonsighting dot com

That's why Hijrah or Hijri calendar also known as Lunar calendar. If you have a calendar with a Hijrah year on it seriously it's a mess up unless you do the moon-sighting every month and you write it down yourself. The mess up starts from 1 Safar 1433 which should be on 27 December 2011 but according to our "standard" calendar at home the 1 Safar was on 26 December.. From there, we're following the wrong calculation of Hijrah year until now.

So, when is the real date for moon sighting early Ramadhan?

The answer is 20 July 2012. The reason is 1st Sya'ban 1433 was on 22 Jun 2012 so 29 Sya'ban should be on 20 July.. If you check the calendar at your home, the 1st Sya'ban on 21 Jun right? It was wrong since the 1 Safar which I already mention on my second paragraph in this entry. The moon sighting for 1st Ramadhan must be on 20 July 2012.

If there is anak bulan on 20 July, the 1st Ramadhan will be on 21 July. If not, the 1st Ramadhan on 22 July 2012.

Don't just believe me, you guys should do the research too.

 Report: Sha'ban 1433
 The earliest reported sighting of the new crescent
 was on June 20, 2012 from Zimbabwe and..

 Report for Safar 1433
 25th December 2011 equal to 29 Muharram 1433..
 cannot see the new moon..
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