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Monday, 2 July 2012

5 tips choosing durian

Durian the king of fruits but it can be the low quality food if you don't know how to choose the good durian.

Let's read this easy tips about choosing the best durian.

1. Thorn
Choose durian which the thorn are more distant, large and rather not too sharp because usually this type of durian have a good, dry and sweet contains. The not too sharp thorn are easier to be open.

2. Shape
Durian which is not round usually have content that thick, sweet, and thin seed so choose the oval shape.

Before buying a durian, take and put the durian closer to your nose and smell it. If it smell are sweet and strong aroma, that;s mean you choose the right durian.

4. Skin
Make sure there is no hole at durian skin. If there is a hole and the durian seller says something like this,
"Durian kena tebuk tupai ni isinya bagus tau." You are being fooled by him because if the durian have hole that's mean the contents inside it taste sour and savorless. Remember there is no such thing if squarrell make a hole at the durian, the taste is good.

5.Shake the durian.
Shake it and make sure you can feel the small vibration of the contents inside the durian. If you can feel the small vibration, that durian is dry and sweet.

Don't let the durian seller fool you anymore. If the durian seller keep saying "Yang ini bagus punyalah" without let you do the 5 tips provided, just leave it and find another fruit stall. Be a good buyer OK?

 5 Tips Pilih Durian
 Suka makan durian? Walaupun durian sering dikaitkan 
 dengan baunya yang kuat dan busuk tetapi...
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