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Monday, 17 September 2012

Gangnam Style 'Desease'

I know not only Malaysian but all people around the world know about Gangnam Style. Gangnam Style is a K-Pop music with it's catchy rhythm and weird dance performed by Psy. First time I heard this song about one month before Ramadhan 1433 on

Psy doing the unsual dance

The influence of Gangnam Style is a 'Desease' to me. Why? Because...

Everybody keep jumping jumping with cross hand when listening to this dance. Ok the bright part of this is, it's a good exercise perhaps? But still look like a monkey to me LOL.

Well, everybody want to be happy so this song is one of the way for enjoyment. Because of Gangnam Style 'Desease' there are many parodies about this song on YouTube. There are two parodies about Gangnam Style which I like the most. OK guys let's enjoy the song. - Super Kampung Style

Huk aloh maybe beruk LOL. This parody is about promoting kampung-kampung in Malaysia with funny lyrics. Did you notice Hunny Madu with the "lesung pipit" on her left cheek? So cute...

Ok, for Gangnam Style haters, let's enjoy this parody from Red fm. - So Sick of Gangnam

R&B genre baby! This parody song was originated from Neyo - So Sick but the lyrics is about dislike the Gangnam Style. Don't take it seriously OK? It's just a parody song so don't get mad if you're a Diehard-Fan Psy-Gangnam Style.

Those two are my favourite Gangnam Style Parodies. What about you?

p/s: Oh My Malaysia.....
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