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Friday, 28 September 2012

Budget 2013

You know and really care about Budget 2013 which is tabled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak? Well, I do care about it because it's my money that used for Budget 2013. To be exact, it's Malaysian's citizen money so it's your money too if you are Malaysian though.

Budget for 2013
You must know how and where your money go right?

No matter how you get your money whether you are the salary guy or self employed. You should know how to use your money so you are not wasting your hard earned cash money. When buying something for yourself you should always buy what you NEED more than what you want.

Need is you have to get it to survive but want is you get it when you feel like it. Why you should always remember to buy more what you need than what you want? It's because to save your budget.

How about just cut off your budget for what you want? Really??? You can live in jungle/cave without internet access, TV, computers, gadgets etc but do you want it, honestly? If you are rich enough, sure you can live in the cave like Batman.Even Batman would like to wander around the city rather than just sit in the cave idly.

You can buy what you want but just buy less than what you need. For example, if you really like to eat ayam golek you can buy it BUT remember it's not what you need SO just buy it once a month. Maximum twice a month. Ayam golek or chicken rolling roasted is just one example of high-price-food in Malaysia.

If you are really on low budget because of low payment salary... to make it worse you still don't get your salary payment when you really need it or you are not successful in your business with high debt...Don't be afraid, because those big problem can be "cured" with sedekah. Yes the answer to the money problem is sedekah!

There is no one becoming poor or bankrupt because of sedekah. Logically? Look at what happens to Bill Gates for donating about 30 billions dollar in 90's. He is getting richer after that charity donation.

Finally, don't be afraid to sedekah even you are in low budget this month.
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