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Monday, 12 November 2012

Idea for Blog Post

Read this entry if you really need an idea to post your blog.

Bright Idea

I provide you 3 things so you'll remember it easily.

1. Segmen
This is the easiest way to post a new entry for your blog. Create or join segmen. After that you got your own new entry for your blog.

2. Review
After you read someone's blog, why don't you review it? This is another easy way to post a new entry. Not only blog, any website you encounter can be reviewed. There are millions of millions websites in the world that you can review. Write about what you like and what you hate about it. You may give a suggestions for the site that you review. You may comment or critic the design, contents, color, text, images, audios, videos or anything about the site you want to review.

3. Share
You may share your knowledge about something on your blog. This can be recipes, blogging tips, health education, traveling guide, religion, sport activity, jokes etc. You may use someone else's idea but you must give credit to the owner of the idea. You hate it when someone steal your idea right? Yeah, me too.

OK guys this 3 tips is enough since I'm doing a KISS technique. Easy to remember and easy to do it.

p/s: Keep It Simple Sayang
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