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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stop Reading MyNewsHub, maybe?

Do you read MyNewsHub? I don't know why but recently the news in MyNewsHub are more to pervert contents. At front page, you may see most of the main topic are about pervert.

Screenshot from MyNewshub website
Is it a good way to promote website?

Seriously it's not suitable for kids. If MyNewsHub go on like this, it should be classified as "18SX". I'm not alone in this matter OK. Read this comment from MyNewsHub.

A brilliant comment in MyNewsHub
That's one great comment from "Video: Pasangan Kekasih Bercium Ketika Bonceng Motor!". Do you notice that MyNewsHub author,writer,staff etc..?

To all people responsible in making MyNewsHub, make transformation about the contents or make transformation from MyNewsHub to MyPervertHub.

p/s: The sly way to promote social problem.

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 Video: Pasangan Kekasih Bercium Ketika
 Bonceng Motor!
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