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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Segmen Cabaran Mengumpul Blogger Seramai 1500!!

This is a great segment! The founder for this segmen is Mohd Noor Shawal. He is trying to get 1500 bloggers before PMR.

Banner "Segmen Cabaran Mengumpul Blogger Seramai 1500"

OK, here's how to join this segmen..
  1. No age limitation.
  2. Malaysian.
  3. Male and female only (Transgender is prohibited)
  4. Blog owner
  5. Follow the blog (optional)
  6. Subscribe the blog (optional)

I've check his blog and he already got 1758 followers right now. The number may increase in the future.

For more information you may click the banner on this entry or click the link under Source/Sumber.

p/s: Thanks wilma, got this segmen from you.


                Mohd Noor Shawal
    Segmen Cabaran Mengumpul Blogger seramai 1500!!

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