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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Price of Man's Beauty

It's OK if you want to be pretty but it is worth to spend thousands ringgit just for pretty? No way man! If you trained very hard to get a tough and solid body, that's good for ya! Perhaps it's a better way than expensive surgery even though you are not suffering from physical disability.

Thousands RM spend to be pretty boy
The big cause for this is K-Pop..
Fanatic boy or adult man would dare to spend thousands RM to modify their flabby stomach, squashed nose, brown skin color etc..The reason is....? K-Pop wannabe.

Seriously I hate K-Pop and I won't spend a single sen to do surgery. I appreciate my average handsome face and my medium tough body. I don't want my face look like those K-Pop artists. Yeah they're pretty both male and female but still I don't want my appearance look like them.

"You are beautiful no matter what you are..." 
I just quote it from the lyrics Christina Aguilera - Beautiful .

If you still want to do surgery to be pretty remember this artist who've done it before. Dian Cecupak...You know him? No?

OK how about this one, Michael Jackson. He is more handsome with brown skin before surgery but after guys know what he looks like after several years right?

Bad mouthing about those artists is not my intention. That kind of surgery is not good in long term. What I want to tell you is, do not waste your money on botox, plastic surgery if not necessary. So when is necessary? If you are suffering from your physical disability.

Finally, if you're not suffering from your lacks of physical and just want to be not waste your money on surgery. Actually you are already beautiful but your greedy desire want more and more so ignore your greedy desire and just enjoy life with your natural beautiful appearance.

 Jika dulu semua rawatan perubatan kosmetik itu 
 hanya dilakukan wanita..
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