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Monday, 26 September 2011

1Malaysia Crime

The incidence of crime in Malaysia makes me worry. I know that I'm not the Inspector-General of Police or the Prime Minister but still, it made me feel worried about the crime that dominating Malaysia. I feel unsafe even if I just want to drink teh tarik at mamak stalls because robbery had occurred there.

Rojak hate crime!

1Malaysia crime? Because crimes in Malaysia is "performed" by 3 major races in Malaysia. Have a look at this...

Robbery at 7eleven by a gang of Indian caught on CCTV. Watch carefully the video at 2.00, one of them looks like chopping on someone. A chop to kill? Those Indians were brave huh?

Now let's watch the next one...

Stealing a mobile phone by Malay teenager. If you just want to actually watch the stealing part, skip to 1.30. Not afraid of jail? Oh, he just a teenager so juvenile case only...How about if the Government authorities help the person called "Dato" or higher rank only?

Let's watch what happen between normal Chinese guy and Dato also Chinese..

You'll know what happen if you watch the video from start to finish. Anyway I will tell a little bit about this video if you are too lazy to watch it. Dato Kuan Siew Choo and Kuan Siew Kin were trespassing the optical shop and abuse the owner by forcing him to give what they want. The threatened owner get angry, chase them out many time and called the police. However, Dato Kuan Siew Choo threatening the owner shop, said that she knew a lot of people at Bukit Aman and gang....(gangster?)

The police really came at the shop after receiving call from the shop owner shorten the story, Dato Kuan Siew Choo ask the police to chase the staff far from computer area in the shop. After that Kuan Siew Kin ask his son to copy paste all the data from the shop owner's computer because she had her own optical shop. The police just let them do anything what they want because obeying order from Dato Kuan Siew Choo.

What a lousy way to do business huh? Trespass into someone else shop and steal the data just like that?

1Malaysia crime right? Malay, Indian and Chinese do crime in Malaysia. The bad news is most of the crime incidents in Malaysia were "performed" by Malays. Not all Malays are Muslim but still when something bad behavior done by Malay, everyone will put a blame to Islam. This is not good...

"If hudud laws can act as a form of deterrent to many of the crimes that we are currently facing today then many regardless of race and religion would welcome the timely intervention of laws that would deter crime...
...Non-Muslims who are law abiding citizens should not be afraid of the Islamic laws if its implementation would ensure a safer and more peaceful environment to live in." by Richard Teo.

Just remember hudud is the rule made by Allah. There is no weaknesses in it.

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 Why not hudud?
 If hudud cures crime problem, why not?
 Before rejecting outright the implementation...
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