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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ramlah Ram is John Cena ?

Do you know Ramlah Ram the malaysian singer?

Ramlah Ram
Do you know John Cena the WWE Superstar?

John Cena

Do you know that Ramlah Ram is John Cena?

Look at this...

Ramlah Ram is John Cena in Google Translate
I always use Google Translate to find the meaning of certain word from English to Malay or Malay to English. I was surprised when I found this. I try the others Malaysian celebrity too. Here we go...

Faizal Tahir is Christina Aguilera

Faizal Tahir - Malaysian Singer
Christina Aguilera - American Singer

Akhil Hayy as the host for program entitled "Cubaan" in Astro Oasis also has the meaning..

Akhil Hayy is Achilles

Akhil Hayy - Astro Celebrity

Achilles the Greek Hero in Greek Mythology

Finally let see Ziana Zain..

Ziana Zain is Jonas Brothers
Ziana Zain - Malaysian Artists
Jonas Brothers - American Band
If you think this entry is a hoax, try it yourself at Google Translate, type in Ramlah Ram and translate it from Malay to English. You should try the rest Malaysian celebrity's name that I mention in this entry so you can see it by yourself.

Jangan biarkan diri anda diselubungi misteri...
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