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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tips Slap More Effectively

Some says silat is a word taken from "Solat". Solat is a way of Muslim's people worship Allah. Some says Silat is a word taken from "Si kilat" which means someone who moves very fast like lightning. Whatever they say about Silat, I assume that Silat is a beautiful Malay martial arts yet deadly.

I would like to tell you about slap. Slap is one of the hand techniques in Silat. I know most of you thought if you want to slap somebody you'll aim for his face. That is correct but you can use your slap more than that.

Watch this video now.

Hand Techniques taught by Guru Eddie Ivester
 Why orang putih (white people) is the guru silat?

Simple, that means silat is a useful martial arts which can be use in a real combat even orang putih recognize it.

This entry is about how to use your hand skill properly in defending yourself especially for beginner or non-martial arts practitioner. If you are an expert martial arts practitioner, you may find the tips in this entry is lame.

Guru Eddie Ivester passed away on 2008. If orang putih boleh, we as Malaysian also boleh.

p/s: Don't underestimate any martial arts.

 Guru Eddie Ivester
 It's not clear when or how Guru Ivester pasted away
 but his body was found on July 9, 2008.
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