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Monday, 7 November 2011

Still Lack of Cooking Oil in Sabah

What date is today? 7 November 2011. What's the same and boring problem that still occur in Sabah? Lack of cooking oil. When this matter will be solved? Don't know. What is the cause of this problem? Don't know.

Sabah is the most lack cooking oil in Malaysia
If you've read the Krisis Minyak Masak di Sabah and Cooking Oil in Sabah ongoing you would know that Sabah still lack of cooking oil since several days before Ramadhan 1432. From Syawal until Zulhijjah 1432, there is no sign that lack of cooking oil in Sabah will be solved.

If this "small matter" still ongoing until January 2012, I think Sabah should get out from Malaysia and be under Brunei. What do you think?

No way! I don't want Sabah to be under Brunei or any other country! I am not Sabahan but I love Sabah as I love Malaysia. By hook or by crook I still want Sabah in Malaysia!!!

Well, maybe we just need to sing a song to forget this "small matter" of Sabah.

PM kita untuk semua by ND Lala
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