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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tragedy in 11.11.11

I just enter the Meriahnya Segmen 11.11.11 few days later but on 11.11.11, accident occur at Slim River, Kedah. Four dead including two students and seven seriously injured in this incident.

Firefighters and rescuers pull victim buried in sand
When most people choose 11 November 2011 as a special day, 36 students and 4 teachers of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Air Merah, Kulim Kedah suffered terrible tragedy when the bus the boarded bus was overturned and being hit by a trailer while most of the victim crawling to escape, leaving four people dead.

The victims of Tragedy in 11.11.11


Siti Hajar Mohamad, Teacher, 33 years old
Basarah Saad, Chief of Wanita UMNO Kampung Alor Teja Branch, 45 years old.
Khairul Anwar Azhan, Student, 15 years old
Maysarra Zaidi, Student, 15 years old

Seriously Injured:

Rosilawati Mat Rifin, Teacher, 40 years old
Azriahani Ahmad, Teacher, 31 years old.
Abdul Rahman Danial Abdul Ghani, Student, 15 years old
Mohd Azim Dahalan, Student, 15 years old
Moha Faisal Anuar, Student, 15 years old
Mohammad Shariffuddin, Student, 15 years old
Idzmi Haikal Khairul Shah, Azriahani's child, 5 years old

Feet pieces collected by rescuer

22 of them got minor injuries and treated as an outpatient at the Hospital Slim River and Hospital Teluk Intan. They were among 60 students and seven teachers who participated in the SMK Air Merah trips to Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highland by taking two buses, but one not involved in the accident.

Minor injuries treated as outpatient at Hospital Slim River
11 November 2011 or 11.11.11 has nothing special but just a normal date. Anything can happen on that day.

 Tragedi 11.11.11
 SLIM RIVER: Ketika ramai memilih 11.11.11
 sebagai hari istimewa semalam.
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