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Friday, 13 April 2012

Date of Birth Secret

Date of Birth Secret or known as "Rahsia Tarikh Lahir" is quite popular in Malaysia. The purpose is to seek the potential of someone based on his/her birth of date. Different date of birth means different personality, strengths and weaknesses.
Sample of Calendar
The question is, Do you believe Date of Birth Secret or "Rahsia Tarikh Lahir" can reveal your true personality, strengths, weakness etc?
Watch this video, I found on YouTube or you may go to the website stated at the end of this video.

Date of Birth Secret is just a crap shit!
You are a doctor not because of it.
You are an engineer not because of it.
You are something else not because of it either.

Even Colonel Sanders succeed when he is 65 years old so if you are still under 60, you are still have more time to gain success. If you want to be success in your life, you must work hard for it! Never give up on your dreams. Remember this, "Dream, Do and No Despair".

p/s: Pity to believer of "Rahsia Tarikh Lahir".
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