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Friday, 27 April 2012

Robbery? Cheated?

According to the description from the video description and comment from YouTube, the raid happen because 7 customers were cheated by Tan Auto car sales.

Car Shop Raided
The Tan Auto or whatever name of the car dealership show the CCTV to public to gain sympathy from the authorities. Which one is true? Cheated car dealer or robbery?

Watch this video..

Do you think this is a robbery? What do you think? Any one of you have been cheated by this car dealership?

This is what I want to share from the star online :
“It took place on April 7 and we are still investigating the case,” Supt Shukor said.

The police still investigating....

 Attack at Car Dealership
 North Klang OCPD Supt Shukor Sulong said
 police were aware about the incident.
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