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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How to stop drooling

It's embarrassing especially when you sleep and drool in public unintentionally. If you are drooling while you are sleeping, you should read this entry..

Sleep is relaxing
The question is how to stop drooling?

Some says change your sleep position or close your mouth so you will not drooling. I've tried it but it's not working so it's not true! To know the solution is to know the cause.

The cause of drooling while sleeping is lack of salt in the body. The solution is take a bit of salt before you eat rice. Just use your thumb and index finger to take just a bit of salt and put in your mouth. Feel the salty of salt and swallow all of it. After that, you can enjoy eat rice!

Do it every time before eat rice everyday. Share this information with someone who really need this tips on how to stop drooling.

p/s: Take a bit of salt before even you don't eat rice

 Kebaikan Garam
 Garam amat baik untuk melindungi pengeluaran
 air liur basi ketika tidur.
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