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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Al Jannah Global Marketing

Yesterday, I just received offer from someone to join AJGM (AlJannah Global Marketing). The main product is Mahkota Dewa Pre-mix coffee. But the worse part about AJGM is it's the MLM company.

Ajgm MLM License
Since I am anti-MLM so I won't join AJGM. No matter how Islamic the company try to implement in the business but if there is a system called MLM so it's not a good business.

Here's the ingredient for Pre-mix coffee Mahkota Dewa 14 in 1.

Healthy Ingredients for Mahkota Dewa coffee

The ingredients are ginseng, lempoyang, temulawak, goji, kayu manis, halia, buah pala, manggosteen skin, jerangau, mengkudu and Arabica Mendahling coffee.

Arabica Mendahling Coffee
Did I forget something? Oh of course, the mahkota dewa fruit itself is the ingredients for this Pre-mix coffee.

Mahkota Dewa.
With such a great healthy ingredients which is very good for our body, why it had to be MLM? I'm interested with the product but not the MLM....damn! What are in AJGM owner's mind? Gain more profit by fooling around people to get their hard earned cash money? It's not about the product but it's about the bad system  of MLM.

Anyone say AJGM is not doing any MLM, pyramid scheme, network marketing or scam etc?

Well, take a look at this image..

First incentive in Ajgm MLM system
First after you join the Ajgm, you need to find another 8 people to gain the first incentive reward. You may choose the reward whether mobile phone or notebook which is worth of RM1,500. To get reward, you and your downline must achieve 700 boxes of Mahkota Dewa coffee sold

If those 8 downline want to get the same reward, each of them need to find another 8 downline which is another 64 downline and achieve the same mission as you did.

If those 64 downline want to get the same reward, each of them need to find another 8 downline which is another 4096 downline and achieve the same mission as you did.

For the rest you can count it by yourself. Don't you get it? It's the head hunter game! The more people join under you, you'll get more profit and the more you get profit the more suffer of the people who is late to join. Actually there are another incentive but as long as there is MLM, someone or most-of-the-one will suffer!

So are you satisfied with yourself by making other people suffer? Don't forget the most profitable person in this MLM is the owner. In this case, it would be Datuk Zulkefli Md Isa the CEO of AJGM.

CEO Ajgm Datuk Zulkefli Md Isa
Doing business is good but why choose MLM? The system itself is a bad system so just get rid of it. Don't you learn what happen to the Hyprobulksms? The owner now are running his own business "Kedai RM2". Well selling RM2 items are far better than doing MLM business. Don't you learn from what happen to Gelang Magnet? Did the owner do another MLM business or just do his celebrity thing?

Finally, if someone approach you and try to drag you into MLM, network marketing, pyramid scheme, get rich quick or something like that just ignore it. Maybe they'll deny that their business is not based on MLM but you must be sharp as knife. You should know how to compare which business is using MLM system and which is not.

 AlJannah Global Marketing Sdn Bhd 
 adalah sebuah syarikat milik penuh bumiputera.

 AJGM Incentives Offered
 Incentives offered by AJGM!
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