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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Malaysia : The Sugar Price Rises

Even RM2.30 already expensive but now the price is RM2.50. Only 20 cent increment so what the fuss?

Gula pasir is sugar sand?
Just use less sugar and we are done. Really?

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry's (DTCCM) would monitor restaurants not to increase food price after the increment of sugar price. What the.......Do you really think the price will stay the same after sugar price up 20 sen?

All the prices for food and beverages containing sugar will surely go up. This is what we call "masalah berantai". Mamak will increase their teh tarik price even you ask for less sugar, the price will remain the same. All the warung, restoran, food stall etc will increase their product's price.

It's not their fault to increase their product's price since the increment of sugar price. If they use the same price, their food quality will drastically going down. We as the consumers will be burden by eating lower quality of food and this would cause stress. Yes, stress!

Stress can effect your health. People under stress would be in poor fitness, low motivation, high blood pressure and the most dangerous is they may get serious illness. Most of them are hard to recover from illness compared to free-stress person.

Even if the sugar price is RM0.50 per kg, who is crazy enough to drink teh tarik with 1kg sugar in it? We can't consume if too much sugar in our food and drinks! Not all of us are doctor or some maniac diet person. who hates sugar so much. We just want to enjoy eating a proper amount of sugar contained food and drinks with low price.Is that so hard?

p/s: RM2.00 per kg sugar is good for now.

 DTCCM To Monitor Restaurants
 The price of sugar, a controlled item, 
 has gone up four times..
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