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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cartoon improved in Malaysia

Until now, I still can remember cartoon Hikayat Sang Kancil dan Monyet (The Tale of Mousedeer and Monkey). Do you remember the "Jangan monyet, jangan.." ? You'll remember if you were born 1970's or 1980's in Malaysia. It's a famous sentence from Hikayat Sang Kancil dan Monyet published by Filem Negara Malaysia in 1980's.

Screenshot from Hikayat Sang Kancil dan Monyet

All the cartoon animated by Filem Negara Malaysia in 1980's were less than 15 minutes.Other than Hikayat Sang Kancil dan Monyet that were famous around 1980's to 1990's :

  • Sang Kancil dan Buaya (Mousedeer and Crocodile)
  • Sang Kancil, Kerbau dan Buaya (Mousedeer, Buffalo and Crocodile)
  • Arnab Yang Sombong (The Arrogant Rabbit)
  • Budi Baik Dibalas Baik (Kindness Beget Kindness)
  • Singa Yang Haloba (The Greedy Lion)
  • Gagak Yang Bijak (The Smart Crow)
  • Telor Sebiji Riuh Sekampung (One Egg Commotion One Village)
Actually Filem Negara Malaysia has made more animation than I listed above.

In 1990's, I love to watch Usop Sontorian. Even the animation were crappy but the dialogue in this cartoon make me LOL. I think Usop Sontorian is the first cartoon aired once a week on RTM1 for half hour. It was created by Ujang and Kamn Ismail of Kharisma Pictures.

Front from left : Usop, Abu and Dol. Back from left : Singh, Ah Kim and Vellu.

Usop Sontorian tells about the way of Malaysian boy life in a village called Kampung Parit Sonto. The characters are Usop(main character), Abu, Dol, Singh, Ah Kim and Vellu. The theme of the series was to promote unity and harmonious relationships between all races in Malaysia.

There was another half hour cartoon I can't forget in 1990's, Keluang Man! I used to watch Keluang Man every week. The animation was crappy too like Usop Sontorian but the attractiveness of this cartoon were the funny dialogue and the animation itself.

Keluang Man
Keluang in english is a fruit-eating bat. Keluang Man's real name is Borhan, a mental patient from Hospital Mental Tampoi. Even has a mental problem but he is the one who uphold justice! His sidekick, Tiong Man always accompany him in fighting the supervillains such as Badut, Mata Batu Johan Hitam, Samsir, Majid Kilat, Meow the cat girl and many more.

Inspector Shahab has the funniest voice in Keluang Man.
The main reason I like to watch Keluang Man is Inspector Shahab. He has the funniest voice in this cartoon.

Actually there were more old timer cartoons series I would like to share thought with you such as Anak-anak Sidek, Yokies, Kampung Boy etc. However, I prefer Usop Sontorian, Keluang Man and all 1980's-1990's cartoons from Filem Negara Malaysia. How nostalgic....

Stay tune for next entry!

Source / Sumber
 Filem Negara Malaysia
 Publish feature films, documentaries, animation and high
 quality trailers that meet customer requirements.

 Usop Sontorian
 Usop Sontorian was created by Ujang and Kamn Ismail of
 Kharisma Pictures (now MOY Publications).

 The Keluang Man cartoon series was very popular since
 his first appearance back in 1999.
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