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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Boy who can only drink

What do you think about boy who can only drink? Save budget hah? Maybe you think it is really save your money from daily meal expenses. If I can only drink, I will never taste how much joy the taste of ketupat, rojak buah and other Malaysian halal food. 

How about you think again? Is it really good if your child only can drink and can't eat anything. How about if you try it yourself for at least 1 month drink as your breakfast, lunch and dinner. DRINK only, no eating. Maybe 1 month is too tough just try it 1 week...

Daniel the drink boy.
Muhammad Daniel Mohd Idham or Daniel can't eat anything since he was 4 months old. Now he is 10 years old so he never ate anything for 10 years!

Maybe you got an idea to blend some food into a tiny smithereens in his drinks so the food will be able to get into his body by drinking. Her mother Shuhaila Saidon 37 years old already try mixing some blended food in his son's drink but after a mere seconds he taste the food in his drink, he vomits. Any idea?

Daily meal errr daily drink for Daniel are Milo, milk and soy milk. If you think having a child who can only drink will save a lot of money from daily meal expenses, you are wrong. When Daniel was 7 years old, he needs to drink 16 times of 250ml milks a day! At the age of 10, he need more and more of milk..The cost for milk is very expensive..

Daniel and his mom and dad

Daniel look like a healthy kid but he get exhausted real quick because of asthma and gastric..He can't do any sports..He vomited if he watch the food advertisement on television..Even doctor and expert medical says he is just a normal kid and will eat like a normal person when he became adult..

Mohd Idham Atan 36 years old hope to see his son cured and can live like a normal kid. Idham and his wife will be very please if there is anyone who is willing to help their child's problem.

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 Tak boleh jamah makanan
 Daniel can only drink...
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