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Friday, 23 September 2011

Rojak Asma Recipe

Rojak Asma is delicious and preparing it is easy. Here's the Rojak Asma recipe.

Rojak Asma
Ingredients A for Rojak Asma :
3 pieces of tofu - fried and sliced
1 cucumber
1 sengkuang (turnip?)
3 boiled eggs
5 boiled potatoes
3 tempe* - dipped in flour and fried
300 gm peparu (beef lung?) - boiled until tender, finely chopped and fried
1 green chilli - sliced

Ingredients B for Rojak Asma's gravy (Kuah Rojak Asma) :

700 gm sweet potatoes (keledek)
100 gm dried shrimp
100 gm sesame seeds (bijan)
300 gm peanuts - fried and blended.
3 cloves garlic.
10 red onion
10 dried chillies - blended
1 teaspoon Tamarind water
4 Tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoon salt
Cooking oil for frying

Directions :
  1. Put ingredients A in a big plate or tray..Done for Ingredients A!
  2. Ingredients B; Blend the dried chillies with fried shrimps, garlic and red onion.
  3. Heat oil in a pot and put the blended ingredients and fry it until fragrant.
  4. Put in the sweet potatoes, peanuts, tamarind, sugar and salt.
  5. Add enough water.
  6. Taste it if too sweet or salty before put sesame seeds and stir evenly.
Finally, Get ready to eat Rojak Asma and it's gravy! Bon appetite!

I think preparing Rojak Buah is easier than Rojak Asma. If you have a better idea preparing Rojak Asma, you are more than welcome to share it here.

* I don't know what is tempe in English.

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