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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

MasterChef Malaysia 2011

MasterChef Malaysia is a reality program which gives opportunity to new chef to show their hidden talents in cooking. As usual MasterChef television reality show is not originated from Malaysia. MasterChef UK is the first original series which was aired on BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in 1990.

MasterChef Logo
MasterChef Malaysia will be aired on Astro Ria (channel 104) and MasterClass (Kuliah Master) on STAR World (channel 711). This reality program will commence in 27 October 2011. 5 juries were entrusted to evaluate the participants of MasterChef Malaysia.

Look at this picture..

From left : Priya Menon, Chef Riz, Chef Yahaya, Chef Zubir dan Chef Jo.
5 juries that were entrusted for MasterChef Malaysia are Mohd Nadzri Redzuawan, 29 (Chef Riz), Mohd Johari Edrus, 55 (Chef Jo), Zubir Bin Md.Zain, 45 (Chef Zubir), Yahaya bin Hassan, 49 (Chef Yahaya) and Priya Menon (Chef Priya). I don't know her age but by the look on her face..she look like 40 plus years old..

From a hundreds maybe thousands contestants, only 40 were selected based on the quality and potential to go further. While at Bootcamp, all of them have to struggle facing a series of challenge and elimination before the best 24 are selected to continue their journey on MasterChef Malaysia . Who will be the best chef? Who will win the MasterChef Malaysia 2011? Don't miss MasterChef Malaysia reality cooking show.

MasterChef Malaysia schedule :
22 October Saturday 
Peti Saji Misteri & Ujian Cipta Rasa (Mystery Box Meal & Create Taste Test?)
23 October Sunday
Ujian Sajian Pantas dan Penyingkiran (Quick Meal Test and Elimination)
24 October Monday 
Cabaran Chef Selebriti (Celebrity Chefs Challenge)
25 October Tuesday 
Cabaran Sajian Luar (Outdoor Meal Challenge?)
26 October Wednesday 
Penyingkiran (Elimination)
28 October Friday 
Kuliah Master (MasterClass).

Come on let's watch MasterChef Malaysia "Peti Saji Misteri & Ujian Cipta Rasa" on Astro Ria (channel 104) beginning on 22 October 2011 and "Kuliah Master" on STAR World (channel 711) starting on 27 October 2011 while "Kuliah Master" on Astro Ria will begin on 4 November 2011. Stay tuned!

Why "Kuliah Master" in MasterChef Malaysia schedule is on 28 October but they say it will start on 27 October? Maybe wrong schedule? I don't know but I think I will watch the MasterChef Malaysia. :)

What is MasterChef Malaysia?
Masterchef is a Bahasa Malaysia language amateur cooking reality talent television show where selected participants compete against each other to become the Masterchef” winner (hereafter the “Programme” or “Competition”). Measat Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd (hereafter “MBNS”) will be organising the production of the Programme together with its appointed production company (“Producer”) and hereby invites members of the public who meet the entry and eligibility requirements (hereafter “the Participants”) to audition for selection to participate as a finalist (hereafter “Finalist”) in the Programme which MBNS and/or its affiliate intends (but is not obliged) to produce and broadcast on the pay television service ASTRO.

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