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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cooking Oil Crisis in Sabah Ongoing

Since before Ramadhan until now Sabah is lack of cooking oil. This is really insane! I repeat, since before Ramadan until now SABAH is LACK of COOKING OIL!!!

Factory of Cooking Oil
This entry is a continuous from my previous entry Krisis Minyak Masak di Sabah!!!

Why this is happening in Sabah?

Anyway , I am wondering why KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Sabah has no shortage of cooking oil? Because KFC need to increase the profit by selling fried chicken and it is more important than all the people of Sabah? How about McDonald in Sabah? When the people of Sabah is experiencing a shortage of cooking oil, the big corporate tycoon lollapalooza company will be favored so not to suffer the shortage of cooking oil?

Maybe the Malaysia Government assume this as a small matter?
Maybe the tycoon/supplier in Sabah is hiding most of the cooking oil because heard leak news about rising prices of cooking oil in the near future?

What can make this annoying "small matter to government" settled? Until the next PRU?

Only the idiot say :
"just boiled everything for your meal and live happily without cooking oil .."
"even barbarian people in jungle can live without cooking oil.."
"just eat raw vegetables and fruits forever.." etc....
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