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Monday, 20 February 2012

Annoying Facebook Popup

I hate blogger who put annoying Facebook popup on his blog. Especially with the timer..

Annoying Facebook Pop-up - wait 32 seconds
I know some blogger are hunger for "like" on his Facebook fan-page. How about if the visitor who visit his blog don't have Facebook account like me? Very annoying. 

Another Facebook pop up on the blog which make me leave the blog immediately..

Ridiculous Facebook Pop-up - wait 404 seconds.

WHAT THE...???
Wait 400 seconds before read your blog? It's not worth it! Wasting my time.

Ok if you insist to put a facebook popup on your blog, just put a simple pop up like this..

Simple Facebook Pop up with no timer.
Put the pop up with no timer ok? or just throw away the Facebook pop up so I would like to revisit your blog. Yes! just remove the Facebook pop up or any pop up is better because it is more friendly to visitor.
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