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Monday, 13 February 2012

The tallest teenager in Malaysia

Sheikh Akmal is Malaysian's tallest teenager. He is only 16 years old with the height of 204cm! Sheikh Akmal Sheikh Imam nicknamed "panjang"(long) by friends entered the The Malaysian Book of Records as the tallest teenager in the country.
Sheikh Akmal with his sister and brother
The Form Four student of SMK Senawang here, who grew by another 7cm from  1.97m since his story was highlighted in the New Straits Times in November last year, said he was proud of being honoured with the title recently.

His father, Sheikh Imam Mohammed, 47, said:  "Maybe he will grow some more and probably become the tallest man in the country, but what is more important for us is that he is happy and healthy."

Sheikh Akmal the youngest in family despite his sister Norain and his brother Sheikh Ikmal, the tallest in the family and the tallest in Malaysia!

Bravo Sheikh Akmal, hopefully you will use your long distance for your advantage especially in sports.

p/s: I don't want to be tall and long like that.

 Malaysian's tallest teenager
 TANDING at a towering height of 2.04m, 16-year-old
 Sheikh Akmal Sheikh Imam, aptly nicknamed "Panjang"
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