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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Malaysian Artists Who Repent Humiliated

From top left: Catriona Ross, Pot Innuendo. From below left: Zaf VE, Azan Ruffedge

Insulted, teased and labeled with various titles such as 'Ustazah jadi-jadian'('imitation ustazah') ostraziced by friends, relatives and siblings are the challenges of these four artists after getting closer to Allah.

The artist who repent are Catriona Ross Bahrain Noorhayati Ross (Cat), Saiful Amir Abdul Wahab (Pot Innuendo), Azan Addin Abdul Wahab (Azan Ruffedge) and Zafri Nanarudin (Zaf VE).

They all used to be a famous artist in Malaysia. Catriona Ross the actress and the other three were singer. They have many fans and have felt the pleasures of life as a famous person. What are they doing after repent?

Let's watch this..

Pot Innuendo, Raf VE and Azan Ruffedge performing nasyid song as the Al Mawlid team with Abdullah Ahmad (Lah VE) and Amer Munawer Yusoff (Amer Ruffedge).

Catriona Ross the independent speaker.

Don't think why they repent but think about yourself when you want to repent?

P/S: I don't know Catriona Ross until she repent.

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