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Friday, 24 February 2012

Oldies Action Movie

This entry is for those who love action movies. There are many action scene in the movie such as running, jumping, fighting, shooting etc..But I want to focus on fight scene.

Fight scene in the movie "Konstabel Mamat"

Let see the Malay fighting action video I provide here from Youtube..

The fight scene start at 4.44. This movie was starred by Salih Yaacob as the hero. I watch the fight scene and thought it's just an OK fighting action. Not bad though..

Ok now, let's watch the oldies action from Indian Movie.

This fight scene is very funny. Look how serious the hero is even his action is ridiculous. Well, any impossible move is possible in Indian movie. LOL

How about the oldies fight action scene from China movie?

It's funny but look professional and real. Even nowadays Malay's movie have not reach this level of fight scene. V3 Samseng Jalanan? Kongsi? KL Gangster? Those are good Malaysian Movies but the fight scene..I hope it will be improved to entertain not only Malaysian but the whole world.

I hope Malaysian Movie Maker will try harder to create at least one action movie that can equal level with Ong Bak or any oldies movie starred by Jackie Chan. I want the action fight movie with a good storyline not the matured-not-suitable action for kid.

p/s: I like Malaysian Comedy Movie!
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