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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Labour Day 2012

It's 1st May so Happy Labour Day to all salary-men in Malaysia! Why salary-men? Of course salary-men because Labour Day or "Hari Pekerja" is made as annual holiday to acknowledge them.

Labour Day by Google
Are you the salary-men?

If you are the boss who own a big company, you need the salary-men to work for you. You can see how important of salary-men in a company. Doing everything by yourself and do not need any salary-men to help you organize a big company means you are insane.

The story differ if you just selling breakfast such as nasi lemak (fat rice?) or fried noodles at the roadside, I believe you can do it alone without the salary-men.

Anyway, appreciate the hard work of salary-men OK?
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