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Thursday, 11 October 2012


What is 60303? Have you received a call from 60303? A miss-call from 60303 perhaps?

Phone Number 60303
After I got miscall from 60303, I go Google it and found this...

"sbelum nombor ni kol.. dpt pangilan dari nombo 045370452 dia kate ade orang guna kredit kad atas nama aku. kononya ade transaction dlm RM4000 utk beli mas.. masalahnya aku takde kredit kad hong leong bank lansung. then dia kata dia akan suh balai polis bukit mertajam kol dan jgn repot polis sbb polis akan kol.. so nombo ni (+60303) kol aku konon mengaku polis dari balai bukit mertajam nama dia inspektor kamarulhisyam.(nama melayu tp pelat cina KANTOI...) Dia mintak aku ceritakan ape yg orang bank tu cakap.. siap mintak ape bank aku yg aktif mujur tak bg nombo akaun. pastu dia cakap bank negara akan kol aku.. ape lagi kol dapat maki la sbb da kantoi.. "

If you are Malay, you'll understand. Otherwise, it was a statement complaining about the scam call from 60303 mentioning about misuse of Hong Leong Bank's credit card. That statement dated on 11 October 2011 by hantupensil.

Here's another one statement/complaint from the same website by momotz on 29 October 2011..

"yup mmg scammers pon no tue. Last friday dia kol and mentioned from hong leong bank bukit mertajam branch nak confirm address. Pelik sbb penang nyer branch yang kol. Luckily aku ex-staff hong leng bank and aku suh dia verify branch code dia ape n KANTOI jugak bile mengelak soalan aku. Dah la kantoi, pastu nak maki2 pulak aku n tanyer aku semua ade kat mane waktu tue. Memang makan maki makian la jawabnyer... My advise to all, if any tele marketers calling you to offer any products, please don't accept it straightly. Ask them to meet u personally or go to nearest branch or booth so you can sighted it with your own eyes. "

So another one scam about credit card from Hong Leong Bank. I myself got this call but I ignore it since the number is unusual to me. 60303 on my mobile phone screen? I don't want to answer it!

Have you experienced it? Maybe they've call you and mention about something else? Come on sharing is caring.

 who calls me from 60303?
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