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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Premium Beautiful Corset

Premium Beautiful Corset Hai-O is the "number 1" health corset in Malaysia. Do you believe it? Have you buy and use it?

Premium Beautiful Corset

What is the result after using it?

Here I want to share with you the real "testimonial"..

" Apa yang mereka tipu??
Mereka tidak jujur semasa proses penerangan mengenai produk tersebut..
 Mengikut salah seorang rakan Lin yang baru jek melibatkan diri dalam bisnes ini mengatakan bahawa produk tersebut boleh dipulangkan dalam masa 3 bulan sekiranya ianya tidak sesuai dengan badan customer mereka. 

Dan, masa Lin baru-baru guna produk tersebut, Lin mengalami alahan merah-merah yang teruk dan lin mengadu kepada agent Lin tersebut.. Mereka mengatakan bahawa alahan tersebut adalah tindak balas produk tersebut kononnya.. "

Lin have been cheated. She was informed that the Premium Beautiful Corset can be sent back if it is not suitable for the customer's body. While under the warranty of 3 month, she got skin itching and horrible redness on her body after using the product.

What's going on after that? Read this..
"Masalahnya! sampai kurang 3 bulan tetap perkara yang sama berlaku dan Lin pun telah berjumpa dengan doktor. Dan doktor tersebut megarahkan supaya Lin berhenti pemakaian produk tersebut."

Within 3 months, Lin make a good decision to get a proper treatment from a doctor. After medical check up, the doctor ask her to stop using Premium Beautiful Corset.

What the... How come Premium Beautiful Corset can be a healthy product if it causes skin itching and redness on your body? It's not safe for your body. Hai-O company and all the agent are pursuing the profit only. No doubt about it.

If you are thinking about buying this corset, think again. How and what Premium Beautiful Corset can do to decrease your fat and cholesterol in your body? Just wear it and be slim? It's bull crap!

Exercise, eat balanced meal and get a good rest. Those 3 are the best way to gain a healthy and sexy body. Don't be lazy or someone would take advantage on your laziness.

Finally you may read the rest of the "testimonial" from Lin under source/sumber in this entry.

 Lin tertipu dengan salah satu produk Hai-O..
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