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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Advertisement : Controversy or unControversy ?

First of all, what is controversy? Controversy is a dispute, especially a public one, between sides holding opposing views. Perennial areas of controversy include history, religion, philosophy and politics. Other minor areas of controversy may include economics, science, finances, and race. The easy way to understand controversy is when 'someone' say yes but 'other' say no.

Let's watch the controversial advertisement videos for more understanding about controversy.

Iklan Raya Aidilfitri TV3 tahun 2010

Iklan Aidilfitri 2010 by TV3 is a controversy to the muslim because of the hidden message in the video. You can notice the old man ride a flying rickshaw like Santa Claus ride in a flying sleigh which is pulled by reindeer. Afterwards, there are lotus flowers anywhere. Everybody knows Santa Claus is a figure on a Christmas Eve which is one of the main Christian Festivals. Lotus flower is a symbol of purity in Buddha.

Those are not controversy to non muslim but to muslim, religion is not something can be mix like rojak. Maybe the motive of Iklan Aidilfitri 2010 is good because of 1Malaysia spirit but the mix of the religion symbol / message is not appropriate for Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Koleksi Iklan Ramadhan 8TV tahun 2011

At first, I think Iklan Ramadhan 2011 by 8TV is a creative way to educate people to behave properly in Ramadhan month. However, the non muslim assume the ads were offensive so a series of Iklan Ramadhan 2011 by 8TV are controversial. Like Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2010 ad, the Ramadhan ads by 8TV were banned after it cause a lot of protests.

See? Controversy brings a great disagreement between "someone" and "other". Controversy may bring hostilities no matter in a field of religions or races.

How about the unControversy ads? unControversy ad is boring and lame... Who says?

Let's watch these..

Iklan Raya Petronas di TV3 tahun 2006

This ads has a good message about loving our parent. Don't you feel anything after watching it? You are heartless if you feel nothing!

Iklan Ramadhan TV9 tahun 2011

Hahaha this one is a funny ad about don't be greedy while fasting in bulan Ramadhan.

Do you prefer the Controversy advertisement or unControversy advertisement? What do you think about controversy? Perlu ke kontroversi kalau nak famous?

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  1. iklan yang last ni best....uik, napa iklan yang 8tv tu? rasanya xda pun kontroversi

  2. Suhaimi Ahmad, orang cina tak suka sebab dorang kata dorang sendiri tak buat macam tu kat bazar ramadhan


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