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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Captcha Code or Moderated?

Sometime as a reader we would like to leave a comment after reading someone blog. The comment can be an appreciation, question, criticism, compliment etc. As a blogger, we need comment from our reader so we know what's on their mind after reading our blog's entry.

Captcha Code Screenshot
Here's my question:
Do you put captcha code or moderation on your blog's comment?

Both of them?

Come on don't make it harder for reader to leave a comment on your blog. Even the famous and successful blogger just put a moderation on the comment section. It's ok if you want to put the captcha code for your comment to avoid the spam but putting a captcha code and moderation altogether is ridiculous!

It's easy to leave a comment on the blog which have no captcha and moderation. Just write the comment and it will appear without through the "blockage" of captcha code or moderation. The blog which is easy-to-comment mostly not high-trafficked like my blog..sigh..

Better put a moderation for your blog's comment if your blog got at least 5000 visitors per day. Anyway it's up to you if you want to put captcha code and moderation on your blog's comment but I prefer the blog without both of them.

p/s:I hate spam comment
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