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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Malek Noor Gets Married!

Former national bodybuilder and six times Mr Asia, Datuk Malek Noor ended his bachelor days and tied the knot Monday with paediatrician Dr Wan Asma Wan Ismail.
The marriage of Malek or Abdul Malek Mohamed Noor, 56, and Dr Wan Asma Wan Ismail, 52, was solemnised by the bride’s father, Wan Ismail Wan Ahmad, 87, at a condominium at the Kelantan Trade Centre here.

Malek Noor and Wan Asma on their wedding day
12 Mac 2012 was the lovely history day for them. Congratulation Malek Noor and Wan Asma!

For those who want to see Malek Noor's body when he was young..

Young Malek Noor
Look how solid of Malek Noor's body when he was young. It's good to be young but every young man will be old.

I know some of you hate him for scamming people with Quantum Pendant. I hope he'll never do that again! OK I don't want to prolong about his bad side. Now he's a good guy.

Just watch this video..

I hope after Malek Noor repent, he'll never turn back to the wrong path.

p/s: May Allah bless Malek Noor and his wife Wan Asma.

 Malek Noor Gets Married
 A single mother, Dr Wan Asma has seven children...
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