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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Loo Jo Yee

Who is Loo Jo Yee? A new korean artist wannabe? No..A nwe Malaysian actress? No... The new reality celebrity? No..

L Jo Yee

Loo Jo Yee is a Malaysian who used to be a Christian but now she is a Muslim  Congratulation Loo Jo Yee for converting to Islam. Islam is the right path but not all people are lucky like Loo Jo Yee to find Islam is the best way of life.

How did she interested in Islam?

Watch this video I found on YouTube about Loo Jo Yee..

If you watch the video to the end you'll know that Loo Jo Yee need guide and moral support to learn more about Islam because money, famous and fortune doesn't mean anything to her. She was hated by her own family, many of her friends criticize her and she felt discriminated after converting to Islam.

Anyway Loo Jo Yee is not the only one convert to Islam so she is not lonely. Loo Jo Yee, I believe Allah will not ignore you after you choose Islam because Islam is the only religion permitted by Allah. You are my new sister and a new sister to all Muslims! May Allah bless Lo Jo Yee.

p/s: Loo Jo Yee is cute.
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