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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Why Comments 0?

I wonder why the comments for my previous entry is zero. At first I thought my entry does not attracts reader to leave a comment but when I click at "comments (0)" link, there's a bunch of comments in there. What happen to my comment section?

If you go to Rojak Punya home page you can see several entries topic and "Read more>>" link. But I want you to look at the comments for each entry. Do you see the "Comments (0)"? Actually it's not zero..but why it shows "Comments (0)"?

OK I'll explain it as simple as I can. If you click the big title "Rojak Punya" or small black link "Rojak Home" above of this entry you can see the image like this.

Screenshot from Malek Noor Gets Married! entry

And now look how many comments for Malek Noor Gets Married!

Zero comments
Do you see that? 0 comments right? But when I click on "Comments (0)"...

Eight comments
8 comments for Malek Noor Getting Married! What happen with my comment section? What happen with my blog? Do you see the same problem in my blog or is it just me? Somebody help me....

p/s: Got same matter with other entry too
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