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Friday, 19 August 2011

Rojak Buah Recipe

Preparing Rojak Buah is very easy. Let's try it !

Rojak Buah
Ingredients :
1 guava, seeds removed
½ pineapple
3 pieces of star fruit
1 cucumber
1 medium sized of sengkuang*
3 pieces of mangoes

Ingredients for kuah (gravy/sauce) :
1 cup of petis udang (shrimp paste)
3 tablespoons kicap pekat (dark soy sauce)
10 pieces pounded cili padi (chilli padi)
3 teaspoon of sugar
2 tablespoon of bijan (sesame seeds)
1 cup of kacang tanah (peanuts), roasted and blended

Directions :
Cut and slice ​​all fruits and vegetables. Add all of it to the bowl. Mix all kuah ingredients. Pour the kuah into a bowl and stir together thoroughly. Ready to be served.

*I don't know what sengkuang is in english.
Dalam english sengkuang tu apa hah?


  1. fatin noralbaniah banie, oohh delicious!

  2. hmmmm, x mnat rojak sgt.. kekadang je bole layan

  3. Nice bro.... i like this. Sometime la :) slurppppp lak air liur

  4. noey ikb, lain orang lain selera

  5. Shah URL, jangan tengok lama sangat time berpuasa ehehe :)

  6. Haha baru kena dengan tajuk, :D btw sedapnyeee


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