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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Anti Grammar Nazi

I don't care about my English grammar in my blog. I also don't care about people who only can read a proper English language. I'll never attend English class just for blogging!

I just share whatever info I want to share. I can use half English and half Malay or broken English language if I want.

To all readers in my blog...I appreciate if you focus on any information I share in my blog rather than my English grammar. No one is perfect. Even the best writer could make mistake in his writing. To me, it's ok as long as I know what the writer is trying to say.

Finally, no Grammar Nazi in my blog okay? This is Rojak Punya Blog not English Grammar Perfect Blog! Have fun and enjoy my simple-easy-to-understand-blog.

p/s: Grammar Nazi is killing our joy on the internet!

 Anti Grammar Nazi
 I salute those hard working writers who try their hardest 
 to put their soul's thoughts on paper.
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