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Monday, 19 December 2011

What is Rain?

Rain is water drop from sky. Even kid could understand it. Anyway just look at this image for more understanding about rain process.

Formation of Clouds and Rain

Here's the simple explanation about the process of rain..

Water from ponds, rivers, lakes and seas evaporate (penyejatan) and become water vapor. Water vapor is lighter and will rise to the top. When this water vapor encounters cooler air, it condenses (kondensasi) and becomes water droplets.

These water droplets will merge into the cloud. When these water droplets become larger and heavier it will fall to the ground as being the rain. The rain that falls to the ground will be absorbed into the soil or flows into rivers, ponds, lakes and seas. This process is repeated and known as the natural water cycle.

Why the rain as topic for my entry? Because now always rain in Malaysia..

 Proses Hujan
 Air dari kolam, sungai, tasik dan laut tersejat..
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