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Monday, 5 December 2011

Crime Rise in Johor

According to statistic, the crime in Johor has decreased so all Johorean should convinced with it. Really? I am not convinced with it. Not only me but the PUBLIC also are still not convinced with it.

Johor Police Chief Datuk Mokhtar Shariff

Let's see the statistic here..

Crime Statistics in Malaysia 2011
Are you convinced with the statistics? Do you know how many shops have been the victim of crime? Even Kedai mamak and bakery shop have been robbed.

Maybe some of the victim did not lodge a report. If that true, there must be a reason. How about this, maybe the police ignore the report and just edit the latest crime statistic to be lower than previous year of statistic so the Public will be satisfied and feel safe. Anyway, the citizen are not stupid even some of them are the victims of crimes..

Install CCTV in your shop, house, car, workplace, car park, toilet, every 100 meter of road etc but still the criminal are not afraid to do their dirty job. The innocent are scared of them. "berani kerana benar" is just a comedian word to the criminal in Malaysia. If you are the criminal, all the innocent will be scared to you. This is madness and ridiculous!

I don't hate the police, I just hate the criminal. They feel safe when the police did not or cannot catch and punish them.

I bet all Muslims know how to solve this crime increasing problem.

 If Crime unReported
 There are signs that the public are still not convinced of this.

 Perbandingan Statistik Jenayah
 Statistik Jenayah Malaysia 2011
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