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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Where is Chef Wan?

Datuk Chef Wan or Chef Wan is the most popular Malaysian Celebrity Chef. I miss the day when Chef Wan is still cooking for Malaysian TV show. I prefer watching him "berceloteh" (chattering) in Malay language.

Chef Wan

He is very entertaining and funny. Sorry to say but nowadays Malaysian Celebrity Chef are not better than Chef Wan. Even his son can't be like him in entertaining the viewer while cooking. No matter how beautiful colorful and tasteful your cooking but if .you are a boring chatter while are the same just like makcik-makcik di kampung. Even makcik di kampung is more hilarious while cooking for her guest.

Chef Wan Biodata:

Redzuawan bin Ismail
Born in Singapore, 1958.
Professional Chef
Food Ambassador of Malaysia
An Actor

Where is Chef Wan now?
Watch this video..

Marvellous2u? I hope it is not the MLM/Network Marketing/Pyramid scheme business company.

This is what I like about Chef Wan..
Watch this and enjoy..

How I miss those days..I know that some of Malaysian people may compete Chef Wan in cooking skill but cooking skill only is not enough. No matter how colorful beautiful and tasteful of your cooking, if you are a boring talkative Celebrity Chef then admit your fate as a boring person. Both cooking skill and entertaining are mix with Chef Wan that makes him the best Malaysian Entertainer Celebrity Chef.

 Chef Wan Detail Info
 Chef Wan the author of several best selling cookbooks.
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