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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Residents Do Not Dare to Speak

The residents of Kondo Rakyat at Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur are afraid to voice out about the stealing and vandalism. Why?

Kondo Rakyat

Norliana Abdullah 55, said she worried about some group of youngsters always hang out on the ground floor without reasonable cause including commit immoral acts. Her husband's car have been smashed with a big rock because criticize their actions at Kondo Rakyat..

"If they just hang out it's okay, but if it's theft and vandalism, that's extreme."

"They also urinate and defecate in the elevator with no thought for other people's concern here," she told Harian Metro yesterday.

Norliana said, most of the residents not willing to voice out about them because scared if their items will be damaged nor stolen.

"This incident have been told to the management, but no action taken because the thought of consequences." she said.

This is what I mean in the previous entry "Crime Rise in Johor". "Berani kerana benar" is just a funny joking kidding playful word to the criminal. If you want to defend the truth in front of the criminal, you''ll be their victims. If you are the criminal, you are the king, president, prime minister, ceo, director, general manager etc..everyone will be afraid to you. This is BULLSHIT! I hate the crime rising in Malaysia!

 Penduduk tak berani bersuara
 "..Jika bersuara, nanti harta benda kami yang jadi taruhan,"
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