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Sunday, 11 December 2011

No More Cooking Oil Crisis

This entry is a continue from previous entry "Still Lack of Cooking Oil in Sabah". Ok no more cooking oil crisis in Sabah. After several month suffer of lack cooking oil, at last Sabahan can enjoy more delicious food using cooking oil.

Cooking Oil Saji
The question is why the cooking oil keep lacking since August 2011 in Sabah?

Because the merchant, dealer, seller and all same type like them are selfish. They only think about themselves and ignore the others. They only think about profit and monopoly the cooking oil for their own benefit.

The cooking oil crisis should end last month but because of most retard people who are greedy just buy dozen of kg cooking oil for themselves. That's why the guy who sell fried banana, fried chicken, fried fish, fried rice and all frying food don't seem have any problem with the lacking of cooking oil.

Right now, all Sabahan can enjoy the frying food at home. Just buy the cooking oil and cook more delicious frying food than those merchant, dealer, seller and all same ignorant type who only think about their own profit. Anyway, I hope the cooking oil crisis in Sabah never happen again or those ignorant type will become more senseless and gawky.

p/s: To those ignorant type, stop your silly thick headed and think about others too.
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