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Thursday, 24 May 2012

1Malaysia Pad?

MalTechPro Sdn Bhd on Thursday introduced the first tablet called '1 Malaysia Pad 'with latest applications and touch screen.

1Malaysia Pad a.k.a 1M Pad

The price is RM999. Seriously?

This Pad does look like it was bought from China. Afterward rebrand it to 1Malaysia Pad. The name of this Pad is very annoying. Why 1Malaysia?

Just take a look at Apple iPad from America, the company are not so "clever" to brand the product as "1America Pad" to excessive praise the government. Ok I know iPad from America but I just want to tell you that the name of the brand does matter. 

A good example brand name in Malaysia such as Perodua with Kancil, Rusa, Alza etc.. and Proton with Saga, Waja, Perdana, Preve etc..But who knows if "Proton 1Malaysia" will be available this year. 1Malaysia again? Ridiculous..

I am supporting Malaysian products but I am aware with the brand name. The Malaysian products that are my choice of buying are Ramly, Ayamas, Petronas, Seri Murni, Adabi, Faiza, Jalen etc..Okay enough about the brand name, let see the spec of 1Malaysia Pad.

I've visit the but the website are not updated or unfinish? How do we know if 1M Pad are worth RM999? FYI the site are just online on 6 April 2012 based on here.

Whatever my opinion about 1M Pad if you are interested to purchase it, just do it. I'll never ask you not to buy it but personally I won't buy it. If the price of 1M Pad is below RM300, maybe I'll buy it.

 Tablet 1Malaysia Pad
 PUTRAJAYA – MalTechPro Sdn Bhd
 pada Khamis memperkenalkan..
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