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Friday, 4 May 2012

Bob Kuman passed away

Now Bob Kuman or Husni Mohd Rawi 41 years old really passed away. This is not a gimmick anymore. He died at 4.38 pm at his home in Kota Damansara yesterday.

He was suffering lung watery, high blood pressure, heart complication and obesity.

Allahyarham Bob Kuman
At first, his wife Normah thought he was asleep..

So she try to wake him up but Bob seem unconscious. She quickly call his private nurse Mohd Farid Hamzah about Bob's unconscious...but sadly Bob Kuman passed away.

Watch this video about Bob Kuman passed away

Innalillah. May Allah bless Husni Mohd Rawi and forgive his sins.

p/s: I found the source from Youtube.
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