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Thursday, 17 May 2012

MMA in Malaysia

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is becoming more popular in Malaysia nowadays. If you are MMA fans you would know about UFC, K1, Pride etc which hold many great fighting. How about in Malaysia?

Melvin Yeoh the MMA Gym's head coach
Melvin Yeoh who teach Geography and Sport Science in a school in Johor has been the head coach at his father's MMA gym since 2006. MMA differ than boxing, muay thai or any one style fight. It's better if you just watch this less than 2 minutes video..

In MMA match, the fighter can punch, kick and grapple. Even on the ground, the fight still go on. Well, fight in a match is way better than picks a fight in the school, on the street and etc... Even the fight looks dangerous in MMA, there's a referee who will stop the match if anything wrong happen.

p/s: Junior Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem are ferocious fighter!

 Ultimate MMA Academy
 Like most boys his age, Melvin Yeoh used to pick
 fights in school, not knowing how else to...
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