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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blog Aidid reopen!

I just try looking for blog aidid yesterday it was reopen. I don't know when did he reopen his blog but it's a good news! Last month I post an entry about blog aidid has been removed but now....Yeah blog aidid reopen!

Blog Aidid Mu'addib
However, it's a bad news to MLM company, upline, downline etc..
Anyway, I'm anti-MLM so this is a good news to me. I hope blog aidid will not be removed again. If you are convinced by someone to join MLM, do read his blog before you join it. There's a lot of information about MLM scheme, tactics, strategy etc to rob your hard earned cash money.

Finally, do not join MLM!

 Aidid Mu'addib
 They join one MLM after another. They don't
 even know they're dumb..
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