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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Cheating Online Business

Thank God I hate buying item via online. If I want to buy something, I would go to any retail shop, supermarket, hypermarket etc..It's better to watch and check your needed item before you buy it. the highest choice for scammer is the first choice for scammer. There were 1,241 reports from online user who have been cheated. From that total of reports, 872 were point to

You should be careful when you want to buy something from or any website. I think it's better you meet the seller and check the item before you buy it. Make sure the seller put the address on the website so you can go there and make sure the address is available. Always check and verify both seller and the item you want to buy via online.

That's why I prefer buying offline. It's better because I can check first the item whether it is good or bad before buying it. No need to ask the seller's name or contact information and vice versa. No need to worry if the item has been sent or not after make payment.

If you still prefer to buy item via online it's up to you but be very careful not to be cheated again.

 Kes Tipu Melalui Internet
 KUALA LUMPUR 21 Okt. - Sebanyak 1,241 kertas siasatan..
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