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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Minyak Pengasih

Minyak pengasih (loving oil?) is a liquid which has the power to make someone love you like crazy. In the past minyak pengasih can be found if you go see shamans or certain people only. The good news is now you can get minyak pengasih via online!

Minyak pengasih lidah jin
Do you see the picture of minyak pengasih lidah jin (loving oil genie tongue?)? So this minyak pengasih really come from genie's tongue? This minyak pengasih lidah jin are available online. What the online minyak pengasih seller said about it?

"The oil was obtained from the natural loving bunian (goblins?) and sent by genie. There are only 9 bottles of this minyak pengasih, so who are interested, better SMS or contact me first, worry about this minyak pengasih sold out. But this oil is often sent to me every Friday night.

I will provide a few empty bottles lined with a yellow cloth and placed it near the window of the house, like the picture on the right. And by Allah's willing and power of Him the minyak pengasih will fill the empty bottles. This oil can be full of itself if our heart is pure.

Each buyer will get the guides on how to use it depends on the purpose of the user. I understand sometimes there are those who doubt the truth of this oil, I do not force you to believe, that's your right. Anyone who has tried will know the truth. I hope this oil is used on the right path."

The purpose of minyak pengasih :

  1. To be charismatic.
  2. Increase business sales.
  3. As a teaser
  4. Make other people fascinated about you
  5. Soften the heart of those who see you.
  6. Many people want to be friends with you.
  7. Men / Women love you like crazy.
  8. Get luxury life
  9. Less catastrophic
  10. Anyone affected by this oil will fall in love with you.

If you have any questions you can contact Ahmad Kamal bin Saharuddin at 019-4489794 / 019-5736447 / 019-5145498 / 019-4331945 or email to

The headquarters address.

Komersil Waterfront.
No 27-1 Persiaran Komersil 3,
31100 Sungai Siput Utara,
Perak Darul Ridzuan

That's all are bullshit! You don't need minyak pengasih lidah jin or any kind of minyak pengasih to be charismatic, increase business sales and bla bla bla so on. Who believe minyak pengasih can change their life is absurd! What you need is hard work and never give up!

You want to get high marks on your exam?
Hard work and never give up!

You want to increase your business sales?
Hard work and never give up!

You want to have a happy family?
Hard work and never give up!

You want to increase your blog's traffic?
Hard work and never give up!

You don't need to waste your money on this minyak pengasih or any ridiculous whatsoever from that website! I provide the link under Source / Sumber for your reference. 

What do you think about minyak pengasih?

Source / Sumber
 Minyak Pengasih Lidah Jin RM300 sebotol.
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