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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Robbery : Flat Tires

How to rob someone who had withdrawn a large sum of money? First, make sure you are not alone. Okay here's how to do it.

Put a metal needle under the car tires of customers who have withdrawn large sums of cash from banks. When the victim stops to fix the flat tyre, you pretend to help the victim while your friend sneaks off with the cash.

This lesson is brought to you by 2 suspects both from Guatemala and Peru.

Dato Ku Chin Wah look at the items seized.
How to prevent this?

First, make sure you are not alone. While you go to the bank, your friend wait at your car and make sure nobody is putting the metal needle under the car tires.

You have any better idea to prevent this?

Source / Sumber
 The thieves from South America
 KUALA LUMPUR: Their modus operandi is to place a metal
 needle under the car tires of customers..

 Geng bocor tayar tumpas
 KUALA LUMPUR: Hanya menggunakan paku khas bagi
 membocorkan tayar kenderaan mangsa...
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